Remember when you was a madman, thought you was Batman?

We all bite off more than we can chew at points of our lives, and I’ve done that this semester. Two major projects combined with three core classes (alright, so Italian’s not that hard) might kill me. But remember when I was setting up this semester and thinking that it would be just a bit tougher than last semester?

I remember organizing my classes, thinking that it would be awful but believing that I could handle it. Last semester I had some tough classes and a few simple ones, so how could tough classes be? I was aware that it was going to be difficult, which somehow connected in my mind that it wouldn’t be so bad. My expectations often exceed actuality. Keep in mind that at that time, I also thought I had super powers.

So after the summer when I found out I COULDN’T walk through walls like I had previously thought (we won’t go into that incident), and my immortality was tested by an online microeconomics course, I started to realize that this semester could quite possibly be unmanageable. September was fine, but once October hit? That’s when the excriment hit the air conditioner. I know, however, that I will definitely learn from this experience.

Like I said before, we all bite off more than we can chew at some point of our lives, and I think we can all learn from it. If I survive this, I’ll have learned that I have the strength to do so. I have no doubt that this is a test of my abilities, and that I will emerge from the experience with a new perspective on both the quantity and the quality of work I can produce. Maybe I’ll even find out I have super powers. A girl can hope, right?


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  1. At least you didn’t try to fly by jumping off of something tall.
    But seriously, you can do it! It’s tough, granted, but you’re closer to being a super hero than you realize. :)

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