The Fourth of July on May 1st

Last night we found out Osama bin Laden (or Obama ben Landen according to Fox’s website–which “confrimed” he was dead) was killed in a firefight initiated by US forces in Pakistan.

I had no idea of the hooplah that would ensue.

From our window, we could hear the screaming and singing in Greektown. My roommate, who works for the Missourian right now, voiced her envy at the pictures that could be taken. Of course, I responded with, “So why aren’t we there?”

This was the first time I really wished I was working the Missourian this semester. To be in the moment, documenting for history the way people reacted to the death of a major US enemy, had to be indescribable. This weekend, I lived history. I saw Kate and Will get married. I saw the US’s greatest enemy taken down.

66 years ago to the date, Hitler was confirmed dead. I couldn’t help but wonder if people celebrated the same way we did last night; if they celebrated V-E Day the same way; if we were just all too drunk on patriotism and love of our country to care that we probably were breaking everything from public drinking laws to Columbia’s sound ordinance.

Apparently, the police blocking off Richmond Ave. didn’t care either.


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