May I have a word with you, Mr. Norton?

A second blog post in one day? This is MADNESS!


Today turned into a couple of interesting moments. For example, the Kahler verdict came in and I saw how quickly and efficiently the newsroom dealt with it, despite the almost cinema-like way the incoming news text message came back “Kahler guilty of capital murder, sentenced to…”

Also, I got my first story today, too! What seemed to be a “check on this” turned into a  pretty big story on the sewer systems. This is exciting for me because I got a story. It’s exciting for my mom because she gets to spend the next few days barraging me with Ed Norton’s sewer jokes from the Honeymooners.

Now I’m working on a new story that I saw transform from what I thought was going to be a simple update. It’s all because I said I didn’t have anything to do, but wasn’t on GA. John gave me a job to do and helped me along the way, but it’s definitely one more step on the road to being comfortable in the newsroom environment.

As Ed Norton tells Ralph,

“As we say in the sewer, if you’re not prepared to go all the way, don’t put your boots on in the first place.”


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