Hipster: An illustrated perspective

I am, in fact, a type of hipster.

This was a revelation when I sat back and thought, “I really don’t care to move to New York after journalism school to join a magazine. I’d rather stay in Chicago or go to London.”

I suppose this is the exact opposite of hipster, since the stereotypical hipster now-a-days is highly educated on hot New York clubs. This brings me to exhibit A: Stefon, the SNL News City Correspondent:

The truly funny part of this is that Bill Hader can NEVER keep a straight face.

Stefon’s monologues remind me of some of the clubs Samantha gets the ladies into on Sex and the City, reimagined by Lewis Carroll. It’s all fun and games until you realize there are people actually like Stefon, tattoo sleeves and all.

When I told my mom I thought I might be coming down with a case of the “hipster fever,” she asked, “Like a hipster doofus?”

Of course, she was referring to everyone’s favorite ’90s hipster doofus and our exhibit B, Cosmo Kramer.

I almost bought this for my room, which means I had watched altogether TOO MUCH Seinfield this summer.

I said, “No, Mom. Not a hipster doofus.”

It was hard for me to explain to my mom what I meant by “hipster.” The term gets thrown around so loosely today. Urban Dictionary, from which all accurate knowledge comes, says hipsters are an extension of the beatniks of the 20th century.

Which brings me to my final and favorite exhibit, Exhibit Henson:

This cool dude is a “Jazz Hipster,” deigned so by the Museum of Science and Industry’s exhibit on Henson.

Mahna Mahna is by far my favorite Muppet bit ever done on the ’70s TV show. EVER. Below is the video if you were deprived in childhood:

Of the above, I believe I associate with the Jazz Hipster (also named Mahna Mahna). Not only is he FREAKING ADORABLE, but he strays off the path of the other Muppets’ set rhythm. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but he keeps doing his own thing, striving to be just a bit above the rest. In the end, they all look at him funny, but it’s too late: he’s already stolen the show. I don’t know if that makes him a hipster, but if it does, count me in, too.


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