What kind of day has it been?

The title of this one could refer to a West Wing episode, or a Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip episode, both series written by my screenwriting hero Aaron Sorkin.

“What kind of day has it been?” is the title of the season finale of the first West Wing season, when the president has been shot. It also refers to the last episode of Studio 60 (which only ran for 22 episodes), where everything ends well because Sorkin had been alerted the series was being cancelled.

Two different feelings summed up equally well by one seven-word phrase.

In Studio 60, a show about a team of comedians and writers working on an SNL-styled program that airs every Friday night, head-writer and producer Matt Albie (Matthew Perry) has this on his office wall to count down until the next show:

I think we need one of these in the newsroom, including the Groucho Marx quote.

The countdown clock really depicts how I’ve sometimes felt in the newsroom, either because of deadlines or class times. Working for a paper while taking 9 hours of other classes is possibly the most challenging thing I’ve ever done; it’s working out so far, but I can definitely say by the end of the semester I will be thoroughly wiped out.

However, days like these make that constant countdown worth every stressful second.

Today, I met a viking. A viking enthusiast, anyway; he and his family just moved here from Texas on Sunday and are all interested in the viking way of life. I sat down with him, his wife and his daughter on their porch while it rained and got the whole scoop on viking names, who makes the best swords and how metal gets woven together. All the while, I’m thinking, “STORY!” And this was before 11 a.m.

I met some fabulous people at Benton Elementary; they were all very helpful and gave me some good information for the major STEM story that I’ve been told is going on page one of the paper on Sept. 23.

Then tonight my Montessori peach story got put on the banner, making this my 2nd banner piece on http://www.columbiamissourian.com. When I called for the accuracy check, I got a list of stories from Mary Windmiller, the director of the Montessori school, which means I’ll have more to cover in the upcoming months.

AND the Phi Sigma Pi rushing scavenger hunt was tonight and our team won.

So in reality, what kind of day has it been? A busy but fruitful one, my friends. And the clock gets set back to 24 hours for another day tomorrow.

“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” Something we should keep in mind.



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