I speak Italian as well as Brad Pitt

This is a really short post, but it’s mostly to showcase how Italian’s been going for me so far this semester. I’ve never been that good at verbal foreign language (written is a piece of cake, mind you), so taking an Advanced Italian Conversation class isn’t exactly underwater-basketweaving.

How DO they do that? And does Mizzou offer it?

Have you ever seen the movie Inglourious Basterds? For those who sadly haven’t, there’s a great scene where Brad Pitt and two fellow Basterds are infiltrating a Nazi film premier under the guise of Italian filmmakers. Their liaison, a German film actress, tells them that Germans don’t have that good an ear for Italian so it doesn’t matter that they don’t speak it fluently. Of course, it turns out the one person they have to get past, Colonel Hans Landa of the SS, speaks it like he was born in Roma:

See Colonel Landa? He talks like my Italian teacher. And Brad Pitt’s response? Well, you get the picture.

Tanti auguri, miei amici! E una bella domenica!

(I told you I was better at the whole writing part).


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