J-Student Woe #1: Being late on a story because of class

This is the first post of a few that I’ll probably end up posting about the woes of being both a journalist and a student at the same time. Essentially, it’s the curse of living a dual-life.

Knowing I share this problem with Bruce Wayne makes leading a double life just a little bit easier.

Officially, my first “J-Student Woe” is this:

As a student, classes interfere with how quickly I can turn out stories as a journalist for the Missourian.

The catalyst of this post:

This man right here. The all-grown-up kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun is the reason I’m dealing with double-life trouble. But I’ll forgive him. I guess.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is coming to MU in eight days, and I’m writing the preview. I was working on it at the beginning of news reporting lecture — you know, the 3-hour class part of the Missourian — but when I check my Twitter feed, I saw that Janese Silvey of the Columbia Tribune (enemy! as my sister would say) has published an in-depth preview of the event. The Tribune beats the Missourian to the story. Growl.

“Hey! That’s not fair! I had class! That’s my story!” I want to scream as Katherine Reed starts talking about how to focus pre-reporting.

Ah, the woes of having to balance your profession with your studies. I can’t say I would have beaten her to it if I didn’t have lecture, but I like to think I would have had my story out sooner rather than later. Lecture is important; that’s what’s helping us along with our work at the Missourian. Still, I feel like some days it just gets in the way. Last Thursday I turned out three stories on my GA shift, and part of that was because lecture was cancelled.

You win this time, Silvey. I commend you for your pluck and on-the-dot reporting. But you won’t be so lucky next time…


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