This post brought to you from the Heidelberg

This is attempt no. 1 at “Location Blogging.” It’s just something new I’ve decided to try. Tonight’s locale: The Heidelberg (aka “The Berg”):

No, not Homo heidelbergensis….
That’s more like it. Only it’s 9:30 p.m., so it looks a little different right now.

I just came from a string quartet performance at the Missouri Theater, just a ways down 9th Street from me, and I’m meeting up with some friends from my 2 and a half years of Italian classes. They’re all 21 and I’m not, so I don’t know how long I’ll stay. It’ll just be good to catch up a bit.

So anyway…there is indeed a point to this blog post other than a reason for a good biological anthropology joke. I’m working on my observation skills. I could write about the obnoxiously loud table of drunk people behind me, but that’s too cliche. Why would I be in a college bar and grill at 9:30 on a Thirsty Thursday night if I wasn’t expecting to observe that, anyway?

My observation is from the concert this evening. I’ve been to two so far this week, the first being The All-American Rejects on Tuesday night at the Blue Note, the second being the Pro Arte String Quartet at the Missouri Theater. Guess which one was an assignment for class.

Here’s my observation from this evening. Classical performances are an ADHD test for my generation, and every time we’re subjected to them we seem to get a big Rx slip for Adderall. Then we get sent back out into the world where instead of the musicians wearing black so as not to distract from the music, Lady Gaga puts out an album just to have a chance to wear her new wardrobe.

Because that’s not distracting at ALL… Now what were you singing about? 

Amanda just got here, so I’m going to sign off. Just thought I’d share my observation for the evening. There may be a few amendments/additions to this post of other thoughts I come up with on the walk back home from the ‘Berg.

Signing off from the corner booth!


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