Vox, Vox, Everywhere, and not a page to edit…yet

I have officially entered the Vox editorial pool.

Yes, it is now happening. I am formally a department editor for Vox Magazine‘s Insight section, the current events section (and front-of-book for fellow maggies out there) of Columbia’s premier weekly.

Not so fast on the applause, people; there’s more.

I’m also a “webbie,” a web editor for Vox in charge of coming up with and posting online material to accompany the print edition.

I’m like either one of David Fincher’s latest protagonists. (A self-absorbed Harvard idea-stealer or an emotionally-disturbed hacker. Take your pick.)

And as I sat around the magazine office this afternoon watching our TAs put together this week’s issue — they gave us this week to assimilate to Vox pitching procedures before starting up true production schedule — I realized that maybe it would have been better to just jump in headfirst this week.

So what did I do? I ignored the “No Diving Allowed Until Life Guard Available to Supervise You” sign and — screaming “1, 2, 3, CANNON BALL!” — plunged in by volunteering to not only produce a piece for next issue but also act as Assistant Managing Editor (AME) next week.

As my mom (and voice of ultimate reason, unless it comes to her dislike for ADELE) said in one of our many quad-side conversations, I’m one of those people who thrives when diving/being thrown headfirst into the deep end. I do better when I’ve found where the bottom of the pool is, and by putting forward this kind of gung-ho attitude, I’m swimming down, down, down.

Let’s just hope I don’t drown before reaching the bottom and kicking myself back up to the surface in time for production to start up next week.


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