Marmosets, zombies and lots of Fun.: 2012 in review

As 2012 draws to a close, I’m faced with the abhorent cliche intriguing task of putting together my “Year in Review.” So here are some of the things that happened this year, in no particular order of chronology or importance.

The 2012 London Olympics
We had a jolly good time in England while watching Ryan “The Grill” Lockte and Michael “Sure, I eat Subway” Phelps swim lengths of a pool in ungodly short amounts of time, Kerry Walsh and Misty May Treanor get down-and-sandy in beach volleyball and Gabby Douglas flying-squirrel her way to gold while Jordyn Wieber cried her eyes out on the sidelines (must’ve been all the chalk in the air) and McKayla Maroney let everyone know she was not impressed.

She probably wouldn't be too fond of this blog, either.
She probably wouldn’t be too fond of this blog, either.

Meanwhile, I successfully survived another year of not being in London… Instead,

I had my first (kind of) real magazine job.
Did I get paid? No. Did I get healthcare benefits? No. Did I work my butt off? YES. I spent three months as a department and web editor for Vox Magazine in Columbia, which really means I had two kinda-sorta magazine jobs, which should equate to one real magazine job. I survived, I’m ready to graduate in a few months and I’m a whiz at getting rid of orphans, widows and dangling modifiers.

I learned the definition of a dangling modifier (and how to fix them).
And now that I say that, everyone’s going to be scouring my blog for dangling modifiers so they can prove me wrong.

I revamped my blog!
Like the new format? I’m still getting used to it, but it was time to make my blog more interactive. Blame it on my web editor duties; I learned that surfers like to click rather than scroll. They also like pictures.

Like this one of a silvery marmoset.
Like this one of a silvery marmoset.

And videos:

We lost music legends Etta James, Dave Brubeck, Jon Lord of Deep Purple, Billy Scott of The Prophets, Jenni Rivera, Andy Williams, (they won’t let us forget) Whitney Houston, and others.
And the people in charge of the In Memorium presentation at the Grammys, blinded by the news flash that Whitney Houston had kicked the proverbial bucket she used to carry a tune in, forgot to list Etta James. It was the shame of the year.

I saw All American Rejects, Elizabeth Cook, Eilen Jewell, Imagine Dragons, American Idiot (the Broadway show), Fun. and Al Green perform live.
The kicker: Four of those concerts were free, and I met the lead singer of Fun. outside of Starbucks.


 I also saw The Avengers and The Dark Knight. Okay, let’s just rename this one: We got two fantastic superhero movies this summer.
Two midnight shows in two cities; The Avengers was an event with Bethany, Julia, Hannah and I getting to the theater way too early and having to camp out in a Panera for a couple hours. The Dark Knight was closer to home in Bloomingdale, Ill. with Bethany and my sister, whom I successfully converted to superhero fandom this year. Add that to my list of 2012’s successes.

Also a 2012 success: my sister rocked another golf season (it was because she suddenly had the oomph of superhero fandom, I assure you) and played in the Goldie Bateson tournament this summer.
She missed state by three strokes, but I still brag about her constantly. She also turned 16, which makes me feel old. Mom hates when I say that.

Speaking of old, I turned 21 this year.
“Long time coming,” said my liver. “Now you can poison me legally.” Meanwhile, several bottles of wine and two parties later, I can say “A fun time was had by all.”

First, I celebrated my birthday in the good ole Chi-town area with some friends from high school (and friends from Mizzou: Bethany came, and Hannah drove up from St. Louis for the event. No, I don't have great friends).
First, I celebrated in the good ole Chi-town area with some friends from high school (and from Mizzou: Hannah drove up from St. Louis and Bethany came all the way from Elgin. No, I don’t have great people in my life).
The traditional birthday scrapbook, compiled by my fellow Mizzou tigers. "I don't cry at Titanic," I said. "But I cry at this because this is real life."
The traditional birthday scrapbook, compiled by my fellow Mizzou tigers. “I don’t cry at Titanic,” I said while flipping the pages. “But I cry at this because this is real life.” (Hint: there was alcohol involved.)

I also attended a different kind of party — a swanky 40th anniversary bash for The Chicago Reporter, where I had my summer internship.
As I’ve been writing this, I’ve been struggling to fit in something about working for The Chicago Reporter as one of their summer interns. I wrote a small article and a sidebar for two issues, learned a lot about investigative reporting, spoke to the deputy executive director of Amnesty International and helped through a party to celebrate their 40th year informing Chicagoans about race and poverty issues.

Race and poverty? Those sound like election issues!
Congratulations, America. You survived another 2-year-long election season of binders full of women, birth certificate doubts, “You didn’t build that” jokes and Donald Trump’s hair. Sadly, there was no Sarah Palin to amuse us (which meant no Tina Fey impersonations), but we made it. The only casualties were the solid non-partisan foundations of Sesame Street, the definition of rape and the hope of anything ever getting done in Congress. Seriously, they’re about as productive as a bunch of zombies.

And that leads me to The Walking Dead and other TV events of the year.
News coverage of the election, Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook topped my most-watched programming, seconded by Mad Men‘s triumphant return after its year-and-a-half hiatus, The Walking Dead‘s triumphant return with a far better season than the last, and my own triumphant return to Netflix. Breaking Bad, Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation and Sports Night didn’t stand a chance. And now that The West Wing is available? Buh-bye, productivity. I’m getting a minor in Jed Bartlett.

It’s been a year! Stay tuned for a more serious post about gun violence in 2012, as well as my list of resolutions (which I’ve resolved will be out long about February).


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  1. Nicely done, Kate. Mr. Meade would be proud of your newly created superb grammar skills. I can’t believe another year has gone by. Here’s to another one of us being friends! Cheers!

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