The Power of Philanthropy: Fitbit’s FitForFood Campaign

Thanks to the bracelet around my wrist that counts my every step, I just got back from a 2 mile run despite the fact two more inches of snow just fell on top of the 20 feet or whatever Chicago already has clogging up its streets.

The things I do for charity.

I jest, of course. Not about the charity bit — just refer to the hours I spent last weekend totaling up our family’s contributions from the past year, which included a move. I joke about the run. It was on a treadmill in the third-floor fitness center of my building. I did get to enjoy the sight of the snow through the full-glass windows, however, as I rejoiced in the ability to wear shorts and not risk hypothermia.

Again, the things I do for charity.

On an average day, I would have sooner run down to Starbucks rather than run at plate glass for 18 minutes and 45 seconds, except for the fact that I now know the Fitbit tracker I wear around my wrist has the power to feed the hungry. Or, rather, I, while wearing said tracker, have the ability to feed the hungry.

It’s part of Fitbit’s FitForFood campaign, which promises to donate the same amount of calories in food as its users actively burn during the month of February. If that doesn’t get my butt out of the chair more often, I don’t know what will. Ah, the power of philanthropy: it makes us buy plush animals (despite not having children) at line at Kohls, toss ice buckets over our heads, and now has me consciously becoming healthier.

The things I do for charity.

This post is the first of “Snark Bites,” micro-blogs that will make up for not being able to vent on Facebook. Stay tuned for more inane commentary.


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