Why So Oscar-less?

Usually around this time I’m dancing around the house, counting down the hours until the Academy Awards start on ABC and my love of film culminates in a glitzy, pretentious night of celebrity worship. By now, my blog is full of 1,000-word analyses of the Best Picture nominees and a noncommittal prediction post. And in just a few days from now, there would be a tongue-in-cheek Oscar recap told from the perspective of Leonardo DiCaprio.

But not this year, because 2015 is possibly one of the most boring years in Oscar nomination history.

Apart from Wes Anderson’s triumphant Grand Budapest Hotel, one of the quirkiest films to please critics and audiences alike, every other film on the Best Picture list is expected. Inspirational biodrama featuring a male lead: The Theory of Everything. Inspirational but tragic biodrama featuring a male lead: The Imitation Game. Dark comedy featuring a triumphantly returning male actor playing a washed-up lead: Birdman. Genre-defying dramedy that focuses on a male character: Boyhood. Obligatory historical film featuring a minority male lead focused on the subjugation of an entire race: Selma. War drama featuring a male lead: American Sniper. Disturbing film featuring a male lead: Whiplash.

This isn’t the end of my love of film award shows, but it’s definitely a sign of a hiatus. I can take a break from the little gold man handed out every February, just like Leo can take a break from making movies.

And heck, if Leo’s not even there, how can I write a recap about his anger and frustration at not being a winner let alone a nominee? I suppose it’s time to let it go for a year.

Cheers to another year of not being appreciated.


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  1. As usual I have comments. There have been many years in which the Oscars were as homogenous as this year’s. grandma and grandpa H would let me stay up to see the Oscars when I was in high school or middle school…back in the 1950s. Grandpa would always root for Bing Crosby or Yul Brynner regardless of whether they were even nominated. The same way Ginny roots for the Bears in the Super Bowl.
    I agree that it is hard to get excited. I would love, yes love to see The Grand Budapest Hotel get best of everything because in fact it is. The detail, the nuance, everything about it is brilliant. Ralph Fiennes is perfect as always. But I also love Benedict and he made my heart break in Imitation Game. And I do think Eddie Redmayne is positively adorable but I haven’t seen Theory yet. nor Birdman nor Boyhood And the women’s categories are pitifully boring. So yes it is a boring year.

    • I totally agree: there have been years as yawn-inducing as this one before. Cumberbatch was phenomenal in “The Imitation Game,” and I think it’s a very worthy film. That said, smaller films like “The One I Love,” which I consider to be one of the better pieces of this year (with Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass as the only two people in the cast, essentially), got no recognition. “Gone Girl” was an equally fantastic film, yet only received a nod toward Rosamund Pike, whose performance was stellar but won’t win anything.

      Good to know that Yul Brynner was a family favorite, although I cringe a little at Bing Crosby (“Bong Crosble”). I guess Leo DiCaprio’s my version of Yul — he’s not nominated, and I almost hope he never wins just so that we can keep the joke alive that Nicholas Cage, Cher and Eminem all have more Oscars than him (or Peter O’Toole, for that matter).

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