Oh, the things I could tell you about myself.

I read Toni Morrison’s Beloved every 18 months and always catch something new, but rarely catch my breath from its beauty. You’re more likely to find a burrito in my purse than a pen, but you’ll always find two notebooks — one for writing, one for planning. My mom took away my Muppet Christmas Carol VHS when I was 6 because she caught me watching it in July. Author Lionel Shriver once stole a book idea from me four years before I started writing it (I’ve forgiven her). Former *Nsync member Joey Fatone and I were on the same zero-gravity flight. I don’t like Doritos.

But instead of continuing this list of riveting trivia, I’ll let some of my esteemed peers give testimony:

“Everson is edgy, memorable, sophisticated and pairs well with Savignon Blanc.” — Alexandra Abrams, friend and pro bono therapist.

“You know that girl who seems totally together? The one who seems fearless and strong with her loud laugh and even louder accessories? She is —  that’s Kate. She’s also a lovely and thoughtful listener, generous and caring, and you find that same depth and nuance in her writing.”  — Kellye Whitney, friend and potential blanket stealer.

“Elle est bien dans sa peau.” — Tim Harnett; friend, author of Trompe L’oeil and reason I had to use Google Translate today.

“She speaks and she breathes. I wanna be Kate.” — Ben Folds, writer and performer of “Kate.”

“You lie, in faith; for you are call’d plain Kate / And bonny Kate and sometimes Kate the curst.” — William Shakespeare, playwright of Taming of the Shrew.

“As one of Kate’s former roommates, I can attest to her keen observation and creativity.” — Katie Artemas, college roommate and Welches Fruit Snacks sommelier.

“You look like a witch that Harry Potter was told to stay away from.” — Stranger on Twitter.

“She promised me free guacamole if I wrote something here.” — Ladan Nikravan, friend and guac-lover behind MaketheMostBlog.com.

Want to talk writing? Submit feedback? Give me a book deal, cough cough? Comment on a post or find me on Twitter or Instagram. Free guacamole not guaranteed.